Rent To Own

Our Rent To Own program is a fantastic way for investors to earn great return on their investment while also helping another family get their chance at home ownership. Here is a brief overview of how the system works:

•Upfront Option Payment: the amount of money your tenant pays you upfront before renting the home. Our goal is to collect 2% to 5% of the price of the home upfront. This upfront payment is non-refundable if they don’t buy the home.

•Monthly Credits: the amount of money your tenant earns each month to be applied towards the down payment of the home if they buy the home. Tenant only earns the monthly credit if they pay on time. If they don’t purchase the home, credits are not refunded.

•Option Price: The price your tenant will pay for your home if they buy it. This price is set upfront. If your tenant exercises their option on your property, you are required to sell the home to them at this price. It’s the anticipated value of the property at end of the lease agreement.

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