Short Sale

Are you going through foreclosure or looking for a quick sale of your property? Click here to check out our Sell and Rent Back Program.

One of the reasons a lender would agree to this is to avoid a foreclosure. Obviously, a short sale helps the borrower since they can avoid losing their home and further damaging their credit. But in some cases, it makes sense for the bank as well, since they won’t have to put the time and money into going through the foreclosure process.

Here is how this can benefit both an investor and the person going through foreclosure:

Directly rent back from us and our associates professionally handle all types of situations, which would make you consider selling your home and renting it back. These situations include:

It’s one of the worst things that could ever happen to a homeowner, faced with a prospect of repossession. These circumstances often happen when payments are not met by homeowners due to financial hardships and basically the limit period is just up to two months. Repossession can be both financially and emotionally devastating event for a family. However, this can be prevented even to the last minute of repossession with sell and rent back programs offered by With sell rent back, homeowners are given the advantage of selling their house through the quickest way possible with the opportunity to live right in their own house by renting it as tenants. Sell rent back programs are done by having your home be bought by house sales specialists and through their sell and rent back programs you can rent back your house as soon as you have sold it. Immediately, you’re not even required to move out of the house, you’ll just be transformed from being owners to rent-paying-tenants. You will always be given the option to buy back your property at a pre-agreed price.

Debt Elimination
Settling all your debt is not only possible but also convenient with . We can help you eliminate all your debt by purchasing your home at a fair price and renting it back to you with a sell and rent back agreement. You can use the money from the sale to pay all your creditors whilst remaining in your home and still have the option to buy back in the future.

Equity Release
You can rely on Rent Back Direct to quickly purchase your home. This will free up any equity that you may have in your home for you to use tax free. We will provide you with competitive rates and terms in our sell and rent back solution, which you will find quite fair and reasonable. Quick Sale Selling your home, in whatever condition it is in currently, would be a lot easier with Rent Back Direct. We purchase residential and commercial properties located anywhere in Canada. You can even arrange to stay for a pre-determined period with a sell and rent back agreement.’s rent back program buys at fair price and the option to stay in your home will also be entirely your decision. We will not require you to move out of your home as long as the rent is paid. Finding yourself in any of these circumstances is certainly difficult. This is the reason why Rent Back Direct commits to finding you the best possible solution that would fit your short and long term needs. We would sit down and discuss all relevant information and help you decide which option is best for you. We guarantee that all transactions are efficient, hassle-free and responsive. We recognize the urgency of your situation and make sure that all services provided would bring you complete satisfaction.

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